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The Nota Bene

The Nota Bene is a publication operated by students of The George Washington University Law School. We serve as a forum for news, features, and opinions in the law school community.  We seek submissions–as well as comments, critiques, questions and criticisms–from students, faculty, and staff at the Law School. Please contact us at notabene@law.gwu.edu for more information.

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Stephanie Levitt (Office Hours), Joshua Bouaziz, Mark Aaron Cox, Bradford L. Seamon, Jr., Elizabeth Confalone, Thomas Renkes, Prerna Lal, Jonathan Foster (Food Court), Robert Stephens, Blake Behnke (Badinage), Megan Brown, David Mueller, Dean Aynechi, Joe Cramer, Patrick Fortune, Griffin Foster, Andy Hasty, Andrew Huber, “Robert Jordan,” Mike Perez, Roberta O. Roberts, Collin Smith, Jerry Stenquist, Charlie Wood